Introducing Guest Blogger Lori Ringhand

ringhand-lori.jpgI’m very pleased to announce that Professor Lori Ringhand will be guest blogging with us this month. Lori is an associate professor at the University of Kentucky College of Law. This fall, she will become a permanent member of faculty at the University of Georgia School of Law.

She teaches Constitutional Law, State and Local Government Law, Election Law and Comparative Law. Lori’s research focuses on empirical work regarding the voting patterns and practices of U.S. Supreme Court justices. She currently is working on a project comparing the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court justices to their subsequent voting patterns.

Lori received her J.D., magna cum laude, from the University of Wisconsin Law School. She also holds a B.C.L. degree in European Comparative Law from Oxford University. Ringhand graduated from Oxford with Distinction, and was awarded the University’s Ralph B. Chiles Award for Human Rights.

Some of Lori’s recent publications include:

* “I’m sorry, I can’t answer that”: An Empirical Examination of Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings, 10 U. Pa. J. Const. L. (2008)

* The Roberts Court Year One

* An Empirical Analysis of the Confirmation Hearings of the Justices of the Rehnquist Natural Court, 24 Constitutional Commentary 127 (2007) (with Jason J. Czarnezki and William K. Ford)

* Judicial Activism: An Empirical Examination of Voting Behavior on the Rehnquist Court, Constitutional Commentary (2007)

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