Illinois Law Review, Issue 2008:2 (March 2008)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2008:2 (March 2008)

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Unintelligent Design in Contract

Peter A. Alces

Law and Proximity

Adam J. Hirsch and Gregory Mitchell

Reclaiming Egalitariansim in the Political Theory of Campaign Finance Reform

Frank Pasquale

Corporations and the Market for Law

Larry E. Ribstein and Erin Ann O’Hara


Whacking the Political Money “Mole” Without Whacking Speech: Accounting for Congressional Self-Dealing in Campaign Finance Reform After Wisconsin Right to Life

Robert P. Beard

Watered Down: Are Insurance Companies Getting Hosed in the Wind vs. Water Controversy?

Brendan R. Vaughan

Compositions are Being Sold for a Song: Proposed Legislation and New Licensing Opportunities Demonstrate the Unfairness of Compulsory Licensing to Owners of Musical Compositions

Jeffrey A. Wakolbinger

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