Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 96.3 (March 2008)


Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 96.3 (March 2008)


Confronting Evil: Victims’ Rights in an Age of Terror

Wayne A. Logan

The Private Enforcement of Immigration Laws

Huyen Pham

Triangulating Testimonial Hearsay: The Constitutional Boundaries of Expert Opinion Testimony

Julie E. Seaman

The New Servitudes

Molly Shaffer Van Houweling


Stitching Together the Patchwork: Burlington Northern‘s Lessons for State Whistleblower Law

Courtney J. Anderson DaCosta

Burlamaqui, the Constitution, and the Imperfect War on Terror

Kathryn L. Einspanier

Discriminatory Condemnations and the Fair Housing Act

Edward Imperatore

From Georgia v. Tennessee to Massachusetts v. EPA: Parens Patriae Standing for State Global Warming Plaintiffs

Sara Zdeb

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