Law Professor Blog Rankings — By Citation

For those who love rankings (which is all of us except those who hate rankings but love looking at them), there’s a new ranking of law professor blogs. Recently, Paul Caron posted a ranking of law professor blogs based on visitor traffic. Over at The Race to the Bottom blog, Robert Brown has posted a ranking of law professor blogs by citation. Here are the top 10:

1. Sentencing Law and Policy, 156

2. Jurist- Forum, 156

3. Volokh Conspiracy, 135

4. Balkinization, 106

5. LessigBlog, 79

6. Patently O, 73

7. Jurist- Paper Chase, 50

8. Concurring Opinions, 45

9. White Collar Crime Prof Blog, 44

10. Prawfs Blawg, 37

The total law review citations for about 130 law professor blogs that Brown counted is 1361.

If we compare the top 10 lists for visitor traffic and citations, the following blogs appear on both lists:

* Volokh Conspiracy

* Balkinization

* Concurring Opinions

* Sentencing Law & Policy

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