Law Professor Blog Rankings

Over at TaxProf, Paul Caron has a new ranking of law professor blogs by traffic statistics in visitors and page views. Here’s the top 10 by total number of visitors (February 2007 – January 2008):

1. InstaPundit, 70,748,231

2. Hugh Hewitt, 13,392,343

3. Volokh Conspiracy, 8,647,368

4. Althouse, 4,429,672

5. Leiter Reports: Philosophy Blog, 1,629,699

6. TaxProf Blog, 1,358,016

7. Balkinization, 1,294,363

8. Concurring Opinions, 1,125,512

9. Sentencing Law & Policy, 907,141

10. Professor, 856,240

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2 Responses

  1. jambarama says:

    Really? The two law professor blogs I follow most closely didn’t make the list – and I know they’re quite popular. – becker is an economist, and they don’t strictly cover legal topics, but really a great blog – again Lessig covers non-legal topics, such as politics and whatnot, but also an excellent blog

  2. Belle Lettre says:

    Sitemeter (which I use as well, since my blog is a few years old) isn’t the best counter. Google Analytics is a better counter that measures unique visits, rather than people who click refresh all day. Which probably happens a lot on Instapundit and Althouse, because the content (brief as it is) is refreshed throughout the day. Posts at Co-Op are more substantive and take longer to refresh, so even if you have an avid reader base (and you do), they don’t click refresh as often. RSS feeds let me know when to check out new content.