Emory Law Journal, 57:1 (December 2007)


Emory Law Journal, 57:1 (December 2007)

The 2007 Randolph W. Thrower Symposium — The New Federalism: Plural Governance in a Decentered World

Robert B. Ahdieh, From Federalism to Intersystemic Governance: The Changing Nature of Modern Jurisdiction, 57 EMORY L.J. 1 (2007)

Articles & Essays

Judith Resnik, Foreign as Domestic Affairs: Rethinking Horizontal Federalism and Foreign Affairs Preemption in Light of Translocal Internationalism, 57 EMORY L.J. 31 (2007)

Ernest A. Young, Toward a Framework Statute for Supranational Adjudication, 57 EMORY L.J. 93 (2007)

Robert A. Schapiro, Federalism as Intersystemic Governance: Legitimacy in a Post-Westphalian World, 57 EMORY L.J. 115 (2007)

Mark Tushnet, Judicial Enforcement of Federalist-Based Constitutional Limitations: Some Skeptical Comparative Observations, 57 EMORY L.J. 135 (2007)

William W. Buzbee, Interaction’s Promise: Preemption Policy Shifts, Risk Regulation, and Experimentalism Lessons, 57 EMORY L.J. 146 (2007)

Charles H. Koch, Jr., The Devolution of Implementing Policymaking in Network Governments, 57 EMORY L.J. 167 (2007)

David J. Bederman, Diversity and Permeability in Transnational Governance, 57 EMORY L.J. 201 (2007)

Robert B. Ahdieh, From Federal Rules to Intersystemic Governance in Securities Regulation, 57 EMORY L.J. 233 (2007)


Jessica Leigh Rosenthal, The Interactive Process Disabled: Improving ADA and Strengthening the EEOC Through the Adoption of the Interactive Process, 57 EMORY L.J. 247 (2007)

Holly M. Sharp, The Day the Music Died: How Overly Extended Copyright Terms Threaten the Very Existence of Our Nation’s Earliest Musical Works, 57 EMORY L.J. 279 (2007)

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