Efficacy and Administrative Law, Part II

In an earlier post, I raised the question of whether we might do well to focus greater attention on the role of constitutional and administrative law in promoting the efficacy of regulation, rather than simply its limitation and constraint.

Off-line, Bill Buzbee, my Emory colleague and a scholar of administrative and environmental law, questioned whether I was understating the attention to efficacy in the administrative law literature, prompting me to try out a bit of (extremely) casual empiricism. For the very limited insight it offers, my results:

My search for (“administrative law” /5 limit!) in Westlaw’s Journals and Law Reviews (JLR) database, to begin, yielded 437 hits.

My search for (“administrative law” /5 (efficac! effective!)) in JLR, by contrast, yielded 129.

Look out, Hoffman, I’m a number cruncher now!

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1 Response

  1. dave says:

    If you had a graph of these results, maybe I’d buy the argument!