Free Lunch Discussed at Reason

The concept of a “left libertarian” has been something of an oxymoron of late, best left to obscure philosophical proposals and Kossite appeals to Cato. But David Cay Johnston’s recent conversation at Reason Magazine makes the case in some interesting ways:

[Johnston’s new book] Free Lunch is full of sharp, heavily reported takedowns on eminent domain, expensive special favors for sports teams, legislative deals that put taxpayers on the hook for a private train company’s crimes and errors, giveaways from small towns to attract big-box stores, and how heavily government-managed markets in areas such as power and health care can enrich some at everyone’s expense.

I’ve found Reason the most principled libertarian outfit around, so I’m not surprised that they’ve interviewed Johnston. I just started his book, and I’ll be posting a review here later this month. It’s been fascinating so far.

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