Translation of Karel Čapek’s Stories

capek-karel.jpgOver at Fables and Understories, Andrew Malcovsky is translating some of the untranslated stories by Karel Čapek into English.

Čapek (1890-1938) was a noted Czech author of the early twentieth century. In addition to writing early science fiction (and coining the term “robot”), Čapek has written several interesting stories about the law. For example, see Capek’s Tales from Two Pockets. It contains a wonderful story (“The Last Judgment”) where a recently-deceased man is put on trial to see if he goes to heaven or hell — the judges are human, and God is the witness. There’s also “The Crime on the Farm,” “An Ordinary Murder,” “The Juror,” and many others that explore crime, law, and justice.

Hat tip: BoingBoing

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