See Also Forum Discussion: Medical Autonomy and the Constitution


See Also Forum Discussion: Medical Autonomy and the Constitution


The Constitutional Right to Make Medical Treatment Decisions: A Tale of Two Doctrines by B. Jessie Hill

In her article, Professor Hill discusses the fractured state of the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence on whether individuals have a right to make autonomous medical treatment choices. She ultimately concludes “that a constitutional right to protect one’s health should be consistently recognized; that the recognition of this right should not be artificially limited by excessive deference to legislative findings of medical fact; and that this right will have to be carefully balanced against the state’s real and legitimate interest in regulating the practice of medicine to protect the public.”


Necessity, Not Autonomy by Mark S. Stein

In his response to the article, Mark Stein argues for a somewhat different framing of the substantive-due-process right advocated by Professor Hill.

A View from the Trenches by J. Scott Ballenger

In his response, Scott Ballenger discusses issues of medical autonomy in light of his experience as counsel for the Abigail Alliance.

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