The Heroism of Susan Pace Hamill

It is now sadly all too common to see public intellectuals pointedly ignoring–or even cheering on–growing inequality. Bloodless statistical accounts tend to miss the consequences that flow for poor families when taxes on the wealthiest are cut and social programs are gutted accordingly.

Professor Susan Pace Hamill has done an extraordinary job in turning public attention to this problem. According to the NYT’s David Cay Johnston, “her latest effort is a book, As Certain as Death (Carolina Academic Press, 2007), that seeks to document how the 50 states, in contravention of her view of biblical injunctions, do more to burden the poor and relieve the rich than vice versa.” Some statistics are really striking:

The poorest fifth of Alabama families, with incomes under $13,000, pay state and local taxes that take almost 11 cents out of each dollar. The richest 1 percent, who make $229,000 or more, pay less than 4 cents out of each dollar they earn, according to Citizens for Tax Justice, an advocacy group whose numbers are generally considered trustworthy even by many of its opponents.

As a cursory Google search shows, Professor Pace Hamill has honed her message with extraordinary clarity and skill in a variety of forums–law review articles, books, interviews, and even sermons. Prof. Pace Hamill’s engaged scholarship and contributions as a public intellectual provide a great model for those who seek to develop religiously inspired legal theory.

Hat Tip: TaxProfBlog; Mirror of Justice.

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