Illinois Law Review, Issue 2007:5 (October 2007)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2007:5 (October 2007)

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Federalism, Federal Regulation, or Free Market? An Examination of Mandated Health Benefit Reform

Amy B. Monahan

Divining and Designing the Future of the Search Incident to Arrest Doctrine: Avoiding Instability, Irrationality, and Infidelity

James J. Tomkovicz

Book Review Essay

Dworkin v. The Philosophers: A Review Essay on Justice in Robes

Michael Steven Green


Catholic Bishop Revisited: Resolving the Problem of Labor Board Jurisdiction Over Religious Schools

Christopher M. Gaul

Diversity Jurisdiction and Unincorporated Businesses: Collapsing the Doctrinal Wall

Christine M. Kailus

The Family and Medical Leave Act: To Waive, or Not to Waive

Carol Wong

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