Six Favorite Podcasts of 2007

I’ll lead with the law, then go into some other interesting ones below the fold:

6. David Levine, Hearsay Culture: Levine’s done at least 50 podcasts, focusing on (but not limited to) legal scholars writing on tech and IP. Here’s the schedule for the first part of 2008. Levine has a knack for bringing out the best in his guests.

5. Justice Talking: Here’s a list of the shows on this NPR program. Margot Adler is a great interviewer, and the website is excellent; for example, here are the resources available in conjunction with the program on race and the justice system.

4. Law Talk: Okay, call me biased, but I think Nate has done a great job with our podcast series, and Dave’s recent contribution is well worth a listen.

3. Open Source Radio: Though its time on NPR was sadly cut short, Chris Lydon’s program is still running, and the “back catalogue” is well worth listening to.

2. Slate Magazine Daily Podcast: This is nearly always interesting–quite a feat for a daily show. A nice mix of law, politics, economics, culture, etc.

1. Krista Tippett’s Speaking of Faith: Though most podcasts simply aim to inform or entertain, Tippett sets herself a higher bar. This is a program about self- (and community-) improvement in the deepest sense. She’s also been an innovator in the form of podcasting, releasing unedited versions of interviews and inviting feedback from the audience. Her interview with Jean Vanier was one of the most inspiring things I heard all year. Highly recommended!

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