Deborah Platt Majoras on Political Friendster

adamsrib.jpgBoth EPIC and CDD have petitioned for a recusal of FTC Chair Deborah Platt Majoras in the pending Google/Doubleclick merger review. According to Louise Story at the NYT Bits Blog, “Ms. Majoras’s husband, John M. Majoras, works at Jones Day, a law firm representing DoubleClick as the merger is considered. Ms. Majoras also worked at Jones Day.” The motion lays out the recusal standards in some detail, and notes specific instances where Platt Majoras recused herself before:

Chairman Majoras recused herself in the FTC’s review of the Proctor & Gamble acquisition of Gillette “because her former law firm, Jones Day, represented P&G before the Commission, and Majoras’ husband remains an active partner with the firm.”

Whenever I teach the Cheney/Scalia duck hunt case, I am reminded of how much networks of influence in DC can overlap. The Matalin/Carville romance reminds us that compartmentalization is an option. One might imagine the Majorases as actors in a regulatory “Adam’s Rib,” where two married lawyers “use every technique they know to win the case, [as] the courtroom tension carries over into the couple’s household.”

But this page on Political Friendster suggests the tensions may not run too high. It points out some industry connections made a bit more clear at this source.

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