Court Date? But I Have Tickets to the Game. Judge moves trial date to accommodate bowl game

stadium2.JPGLike Dave grading has taken over my life for the past few days. I try to take breaks so that seeing the same answer with the same good or bad points is at least a little fresh. The Web of course offers plenty of distractions. This article made my day. Apparently a judge was asked to move the start of a trial because the original date was on the day of the BCS Championship Game. The attorney who made the motion represents an insurance company in a case involving a car crash. He happens to have tickets to game and a floor rented on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter for a tailgate party. The motion refers to Ohio Slowhio and according to the article offered:

All counsel to this matter unequivocally agree that the presence of LSU in the aforementioned contest of pigskin skill unquestionably constitutes good grounds therefor … In fact we have been unable through much imagination and hypothetical scenarios to think of a better reason.

It turns out the plaintiff’s attorneys also have tickets. The judge granted the motion. One thing missing in the story is whether the clients, especially the plaintiff, who may be an individual, agreed to moving the date. The new date has not been set. In some courts moving a date means several weeks not just the next day. Then again it is the Big Easy so perhaps all concerned want to enjoy the food and the game. Trials will occur soon enough, Hmm. Maybe that approach would improve associate life and court procedures. Your honor I really need to see the opening of Book of Secrets. O.K. that is not a good example but you get the idea.

Ed. Note: Bill, thanks for pointing out that it is not the Sugar Bowl. I trusted the article title “Day in court can wait for Sugar Bowl.”

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2 Responses

  1. bill says:

    Not the Sugar Bowl (which is Georgia-Hawaii). The BCS Championship game one week later (LSU – tOSU).

  2. Alan Childress says:

    This is Baton Rouge, mind you. I am shocked anyone had to file a motion. Check the local rules.