Cornell Law Review, Volume 93 Number 1 (November 2007)


Cornell Law Review, Volume 93 Number 1 (November 2007)

Articles and Responses

Blinking on the Bench: How Judges Decide Cases

Chris Guthrie, Jeffrey J. Rachlinski & Andrew J. Wistrich

Unleashing the Dogs of War: What the Constitution Means by “Declare War”

Saikrishna Prakash

Making War
Robert J. Delahunty & John Yoo

The President’s Power to Respond to Attacks
Michael D. Ramsey

A Two-Front War

Saikrishna Prakash


The Requirement for Metadata Production Under Williams V. Sprint/United Management Co.: An Unnecessary Burden for Litigants Engaged in Electronic Discovery

Lucia Cucu

“Respectful Consideration” After Sanchez-Llamas V. Oregon: Why the Supreme Court Owes More to the International Court of Justice
Steven Arrigg Koh

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