Squirrel Cop

Need some time away from the Thanksgiving festivities? Disappointed by (or don’t care about) the football scores? Spend 15 minutes listening to the segment Squirrel Cop from PRI’s This American Life. (When you link to the site, click on the “listen to full episode” icon and then fast-forward to minute 19:52; it’s worth it.)

In a recent post, I criticized James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling for not providing a more substantive reflection in an Atlantic essay that revisited their broken windows hypothesis. But when I teach criminal law, I use broken windows to introduce the concept of police discretion and to remind students that the practice of policing usually is far-removed from what appears on Law and Order. The segment from This American Life accomplishes the same thing, albeit with much more levity than I usually muster in class.

A quick apology that I was unable to streamline the listening process. This American Life won’t give permission for their audio to be posted on any server but their own.

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