Introducing Guest Blogger Jeffrey Lipshaw

lipshaw-jeffrey.jpgI’m very pleased to announce that Professor Jeffrey Lipshaw will be joining us as a guest blogger for the next month.

Jeff is an Associate Professor at Suffolk University Law School in Boston, where he teaches courses in the business and financial services concentration. He practiced for twenty-six years before entering legal academia, as an associate and partner in a large Detroit-based law firm, as the general counsel of the automotive division of AlliedSignal, and as the senior vice president and general counsel of Great Lakes Chemical Corporation. His advice to others seeking to breach the citadel walls of academia late in a legal career are capsuled in Memo to Lawyers: How Not to Retire and Teach, an article that prompted the dean of a “top five” law school to send an e-mail stating how much he enjoyed it, but also hoping that Jeff was also doing “serious work.”

Jeff is a co-editor of Legal Profession Blog. He claims to operate “at the intersection of venture capital and Kantian philosophy.” His recent publications include:

* Freedom, Compulsion, Compliance, and Mystery: Reflections on the Duty Not to Enforce a Promise, 3 Law, Culture and the Humanities 82 (2007)

* Law as Rationalization: Getting Beyond Reason to Business Ethics, 37 U. Tol. L. Rev. 959 (2006)

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3 Responses

  1. Venkat says:

    What a fun and informative article.

  2. Frank says:

    After seeing Jeff’s extraordinarily perceptive comments on a range of blogs, many people urged him to start his own. His Legal Profession Blog is fantastic and it’s a real honor to have him guest here.

  3. Jeff Lipshaw says:

    I’m going to dispel that with my first post. But thanks, Frank.