Former Penn Law Student Dropped from Autoadmit Lawsuit

Here’s the amended complaint, filed yesterday. Details to follow later in the day, if I get a chance. Here’s why I think this happened.

[Update 1: Ciolli issues a statement.]

[Update 2: Skimmed the complaint. It is much more damning than the original. Keker did a nice job reshaping the factual allegations to focus on the worst conduct. It also looks like they are staffing up, which means they must think they have a way to find actual defendants.]

[Update 3: Brian Leiter offers interesting commentary here. The WSJ Law Blog reports here.]

[Update 4: Just came across this Harvard Law Record article from earlier in the week, purporting to report on the traffic patterns of HLS students reading and posting on Autoadmit. The Record wasn’t exactly a groundbreaking publication when I was at HLS, but maybe times have changed.]

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3 Responses

  1. jiya says:

    one thing: the link to Keker misspells their name

  2. dave says:

    Good point. Will fix.

  3. Andrea says:

    We try to break a little ground every now and then 🙂 There is certainly a solid argument that the “hacker” was fabricating data, but I think the statements about a small number of posters creating a lot of trouble with a large audience certainly sound plausible. We shall see if any real names do come out after this point…


    HL Record