Blog Readability Levels

blog-reading-levels1.jpgThis nifty site rates the level of education necessary to understand your blog. I plugged in various blog URLs as well as some URLs of mainstream media sites. Here are the results:


* Legal Theory

* Balkinization

* Becker-Posner

* TaxProf


* Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports


* Concurring Opinions

* Conglomerate

* PrawfsBlawg

* Dorf on Law

* How Appealing


* Washington Post

* Slate

* Time

* Wall St. Journal


* Volokh Conspiracy

* Above the Law

* Althouse

* Instapundit


* New York Times


* Drudge Report

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4 Responses

  1. I’m looking around and I can’t find anything about what that label is supposed to mean.

  2. Jason says:

    That gives an overview of some possible metrics.

  3. Jim Maule says:

    Strange, I just entered my blog’s URL (MauledAgain) and got “college” as the result. Maybe this morning’s post changed things? 🙂

  4. The web site that Jason suggested is very interesting. URLs entered into the box at the bottom of that web page get a readability report that includes scores generated by seven readability formulae.

    I plugged in my own web site,, which got a “High School” ranking on the Blog Readability Test, and got the following scores:

    Kincaid: 10.8

    ARI: 11.9

    Coleman-Liau: 12.2

    Flesch Index: 56.9

    Fog Index: 13.9

    Lix: 47.9 = school year 8

    SMOG-Grading: 12.2

    According to the info page on the site, the Flesch Index uses a 1-100 scale, with “standard English documents” averaging 60-70. SMOG-Grading and Fog Index scores are school grades.

    Here are the results for Linda Beale’s ataxingmatter blog:

    Blog Readability Test: Genius scores:

    Kincaid: 12.3

    ARI: 14.1

    Coleman-Liau: 13.2

    Flesch Index: 51.3

    Fog Index: 15.8

    Lix: 51.6 = school year 10

    SMOG-Grading: 13.4

    The scores for Jim Maule’s mauledagain blog are:

    Kincaid: 9.9

    ARI: 11.1

    Coleman-Liau: 11.6

    Flesch Index: 62.0

    Fog Index: 12.8

    Lix: 44.7 = school year 8

    SMOG-Grading: 11.3