God and Copyright

1954_598.jpgGodtube, Youtube for religious believers, was the fastest growing web property in the month of August. Like Youtube before it, Godtube seems infected by IP issues, born of the laity’s evident lack of familiarity with the reach of copyright law. It seems like the site would provide an interesting source of hypotheticals for a class that looked at the relationship between free speech and copyright law – here, with an establishment twist. Many of the top viewed videos on the site are parodies of well-known commercial properties, and others lift such properties intact, presumably ignoring the site’s detailed copyright policy. There is even a corporate angle – if Big Jump Media, Godtube’s corporate owner, went public, would this mission statement pose shareholder wealth maximization problems?

(Image Source: A page from the Concordia discordantium canonum – Canon Law – through Wikicommons.)

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