GAO on FCC: Trampling on Sunshine . . .

and it doesn’t feel good. A new GAO report has criticized the FCC for permitting certain favored groups to get an “inside line” on upcoming commission action. Here’s my take on it, and here’s Ed Markey:

“When the corporate insiders and the K Street crowd have the inside track on decisions critical to telecommunications, media, broadband or wireless policy, then the public and consumers are at an inherent disadvantage,” [Ed] Markey said. Markey, who chairs the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet, said such violations appear to be “a daily reality” at the FCC.

Interesting way of avoiding the Government in the Sunshine Act. Larry Lessig proposes an elegant solution:

[This] needs to become a bigger issue for the candidates in this election. Let’s hear a promise by the presidential candidates that they will only appoint FCC commissioners who promise not to work for those they have regulated for at least 5 years after their term is over. That would be real change.

The Lessig Wiki on corruption in general is a great resource. But one has to wonder, given the corporate campaign money at stake, can any candidate dare to push an idea like Lessig’s today?

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