Google’s Principles

I’ll be presenting at the University of Chicago Legal Forum symposium today on “Internet Nondiscrimination Principles.” Readers of the blog will be familiar with my concerns about Google; here’s a precis for today’s talk:

Google’s advocacy for net neutrality has focused policymakers on the dangers of permitting a few dominant carriers to act as unaccountable bottlenecks controlling the flow of information. However, Google itself may soon pose more of a threat of “bottlenecking” than the carriers it is calling to account. In certain cases, leading search engines need to be held accountable for the way they collect, order, and present information. Nondiscrimination principles first proposed for carriers may also inspire fruitful regulation of search engines.

As Greg Lastowka has recently observed, “fortunes are won and lost based on Google’s results pages, including the fortunes of Google itself.” I look forward to discussing the future of search engines with panelists and others at the U. Chi. law school. I’m happy to send my slides to anyone interested in the topic.

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