Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Here’s How to Hide Your Stash? Ex-Texas Officer Sells DVD About How To Avoid Drug Arrests

USBP-SRT-New_Orleans.jpgLast December MSNBC reported that Barry Cooper, a former police officer who handled drug enforcement planned to sell a video called “Never Get Busted Again.” One former colleague said Cooper might have been “the best narcotics officer in the state.” Cooper claimed to think that the U.S. marijuana policy was foolish and that his video would be a way to show people how to protect civil liberties and to reveal injustice in the system. Maybe. Today, NPR has a story about the release of the video. It is called “Never Get Busted Again” and apparently uses the film style of reality cop shows. The article details how Cooper used indicators such as college bumper stickers, Vietnam veteran stickers, and race to decide whom to pull over and search for marijuana. He even trained police departments about the technique. So perhaps he really wants to show how the system is unjust. The motivations behind that goal are, however, not necessarily about legalizing marijuana and improving civil rights.

NPR noted that Cooper’s personal experiences fueled his current activities. He moved to east Texas and arrested a mayor’s son and city councilman which apparently upset local authorities. After he left law enforcement, a divorce followed. He was arrested for late movie rental returns and “His ex-brother-in-law, a constable, showed up with an order to remove his two girls. They put up such a fight, the effort was abandoned.” Those events are at least partially behind his decision to make the film which covers topics such as “Search and Seizure,” “Hiding Your Stash,” “Narcotics Profiling” and “Canines.”

Cooper plans a follow-up called “Never Get Raided Again.” The new movie idea has upset law enforcement as it could endanger officers on a raid. Given that some argue that books like the Anarchist’s Cookbook should be banned or for example in England ownership of the book is a enough to bring terrorism charges, it would not be surprising if someone tries to stop Cooper’s films from being published based on a public safety or terror claim.

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