Information Privacy Law Casebook Update

casebook2.jpgI’m pleased to announce that Paul Schwartz and I have just completed an update to our casebook, Information Privacy Law (Aspen 2006). The update is 111 pages, and is available for download (free of charge) at the casebook’s website. Among other things, it includes excerpts of many new cases: Bonome v. Kaysen, Barrett v. Rosenthal, MacWade v. Kelly, US v. Andrus, Warshak v. US, Doe v. Cahill, US v. Ellison, Gonzales v. Google, Georgia v. Randolph, Copland v. UK, and more. It also includes discussions of the NSA surveillance program, the litigation regarding the NSA surveillance, the Protect America Act of 2007 (amending FISA), national security letter litigation, the Virginia Tech shooting and privacy laws, data security breaches, US-EU sharing of airline passenger data, and more. Additionally, it includes excerpts from many new scholarly books and articles.

A new edition is in the works, and it will be ready for use in the spring 2009 semester. The book will be available in late 2008 so instructors can plan their courses. If you’re a professor currently using the book or are considering using the book in a class, please email me with any comments and suggestions for the next edition.

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