Bon Jovi: Suin’ on an Error?

bonjovitea.jpgBon Jovi’s lyrics can be a little inscrutable. But a recent legal dispute is truly hard to fathom:

Shortly after Marcos Carrington’s drink, Mijovi, hit store shelves last year, lawyers for the musician Jon Bon Jovi accused Mr. Carrington of trademark infringement. Mr. Carrington . . . said that his product was named for his companion of four years, Jovita Saenz. . . . .Mr. Bon Jovi faces an Oct. 31 deadline by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to formally oppose Mr. Carrington’s trademark. Mr. Bon Jovi has also threatened to sue.

I don’t really think people would think of Bon Jovi when they hear the name of this drink, and I doubt he’s established a “family of marks” in “Jovi” to the extent McDonald’s did when they went around shutting down places like McDental and McSleep. I doubt a “right of publicity” type of claim could work here, either. Memo to Bon Jovi: you give law a bad name.

Photo Credit: Niemster.

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