Updates to the Law Professor Blogger Census

I have updated the law professor blogger census. Although I attempted to keep the same URL, since the updated post is in a new month, the URL got changed automatically and thus links to the earlier versions of the census will be broken. Please update your links to this new updated census URL, as the link to the old version will now lead to nowhere.

With the capable assistance of our intern, Sam Yospe, plus comments from readers, I have not only added new bloggers but have also attempted to purge the rolls of “deadwood” and retired bloggers — those bloggers who have abandoned the blogosphere but whose names linger on. I eliminated all bloggers who hadn’t blogged in the past four months — since April 1.

The results were quite surprising — there are a ton of deadwood and retired bloggers, so many that the numbers for the census actually dropped this time. As I explain in the census post, the number of law professor bloggers probably didn’t drop, as the numbers of previous censuses were also inflated by deadwood and retired bloggers.

I’m off to London Monday afternoon, so unfortunately, I will not be able to do much else on the census for a few weeks. My posting will be very light to non-existent during this time. I’ll be doing research on how little value the US dollar really has these days.

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  1. My Pace Law School colleague Ralph Stein has a new blog: http://lawandculturevulture.wordpress.com/