The Second Concurring Opinions Intern Contest [BUMPED]

coop.bmpThis summer, as you may know, we’ve been assisted by our terrific intern, Sam Yospe. Sam has drafted the useful legal news summaries, helped with various empirical projects, labored mightly to improve the census, written a substantive post on juries, and has a few more projects in the pipeline. Overall, I think we all feel that the “experiment” of having a blog intern has been a resounding success. As Sam is leaving us to start law school at GW, we thought we’d try to find a replacement who can (we hope) build on the tradition Sam has begun. Thus, I am pleased to announce the Second Concurring Opinions Intern Contest, or SCOIC for short.

Are you a law student who wants to build your resume, get involved in blogging, and can commit around five hours a week during the coming school year? SCOIC can make your dreams come true. Learn how, after the jump.

Concurring Opinions is pleased to announce that it is in the market for an unpaid intern for the 2007/08 school year.

1. The Job Description

Let’s start by repeating a key aspect of this job. It is unpaid, except in “prestige points,” which you can probably can’t even monetize on Berkman Island. In return for being associated with this Blog, and getting to know its authors, we’d expect you to work at least five hours a week during the school year, excluding holidays and (likely) exam time. We will strongly prefer applications from 2Ls and 3Ls.

2. How to Apply?

Draft a blog post on why you deserve to be our Intern (400 words or less) and forward it,along with any supporting materials you think would help, to any of us by August 31, 2007. If you have any specialized technical expertise, be sure to brag about it. Really clever applications would sound like these folks, only about law, and with more html-jargon thrown in for good measure.

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