Law Professor Blogger Census (2007 Version)

census.jpgNEW VERSION 2007

UPDATED VERSION: This is an updated version of the 2007 census. With feedback from readers plus the assistance of our intern, Sam Yospe, I have added a number of bloggers we missed. I also did something that has not been done on previous censuses – I deleted “deadwood” bloggers and retired bloggers – those on group or solo blogs who haven’t posted in the past 4 months (since April 1)

The culling from deadwood and retired bloggers from the census has resulted in a decrease in the number of bloggers since the last census. Because previous versions didn’t seek to eliminate deadwood bloggers, the chart of the blogosphere’s growth is potentially misleading. I believe that the legal blogosphere did grow since the last census, as I assume that there were many retired or deadwood bloggers on the rolls of previous censuses that inflated the numbers.

A quick plea to those running active group blogs – please update the names of your bloggers, as not doing so makes tallying the census quite difficult. I would be very thankful – and more so than me, our intern who painstakingly checked to see who was actively blogging and who was not.

I used to do the census bi-annually, but the law professor blogosphere has stabilized sufficiently to do this annually. This version of the census incorporates changes to the law professor blogosphere made after the last census was completed in October 2006.

I would like to thank our intern, Sam Yospe, who provided much-needed assistance with this project.

Earlier Versions of the Census:

2005 — In June 2005, there were 130 bloggers (28 female, 102 male). By In November 2005, there were 202 bloggers (50 female, 152 male).

2006 — In March 2006, there were 235 law professor bloggers (58 female, 177 male). By October 2006, the number had grown to 309 law professor bloggers (74 female, 235 male).


Number: There are 308 law professor bloggers.

Growth: Since the last census in October 2006, there are 76 new bloggers and 30 departed bloggers, increasing the blogosphere from 309 bloggers to 354 bloggers – an increase of about 15%. However, a search of the group blogs and individual blogs turned up 47 deadwood bloggers who have not posted since April 1. This decreases the total legal blogosphere to 308 bloggers.

chart-bloggers-2007 3.jpg

Gender: Of the bloggers, 76 are female and 232 are male. Thus, about 25% are female and 75% are male. There has been a small increase in the percentage of female bloggers since the last census (24% were female and 76% were male in October 2006.)

chart-gender-2007 3.jpg

Schools: Schools with the most bloggers include:

Chicago (8)

GW (8)

San Diego (8)

George Mason (6)

Georgetown (6)

Illinois (6)

Temple (6)

Temple (6)

William Mitchell (6)

Baylor (5)

UC Davis (5)

Cincinnati (5)

Pittsburgh (5)

St. Thomas (5)

Villanova (5)

Wayne State (5)

Schools making their first appearance on the census include: Arkansas-Little Rock, Connecticut, Baylor, Boston College, Charleston, Denver, Hawaii, Indiana-Indianapolis, New England, Oregon, and USC.

Schools in the U.S. News Top 25 rankings account for 75 bloggers

1. Yale (3)

2. Harvard (6)

2. Stanford (2)

4. NYU (1)

5. Columbia (1)

6. Chicago (8)

6. Pennsylvania (0)

8. Berkeley (2)

8. Michigan (2)

10. Duke (1)

10. Virginia (0)

12. Northwestern (3)

13. Cornell (2)

14. Georgetown (6)

15. UCLA (4)

16. USC (1)

16. Vanderbilt (0)

18. Texas (4)

19. Washington U.(2)

20. Boston U. (0)

20. Minnesota.(4)

22. Emory (2)

22. GW (8)

24. Iowa (3)

25. Fordham (3)

25. Illinois (6)

25. W&L (1)

The Top 25 schools have a disproportionately large representation in the blogosphere–24% of the total number of bloggers (308). Four schools in the Top 25 have no bloggers – Pennsylvania, Virginia, Vanderbilt, and Boston University.

In the chart that follows, I indicate new bloggers with NEW. Since the chart has grown too large for a single blog post, I had to cut the chart in half. The chart below the fold consists of schools beginning with the letters A-M. For the second half of the chart, schools N-Z, click here.

Alabama Al Brophy M PropertyProf Blog
Alabama Paul Horwitz M PrawfsBlawg and Dorf on Law NEW BLOG
American Kenneth Anderson M Kenneth Anderson’s Law of War
American Ezra Rosser NEW M Poverty Law Prof Blog and For the Seventh Generation Blog
Arizona State David Kaye M Science & Law Blog
Arizona State Michael Saks M Science & Law Blog
Arkansas-Fayetteville Susan Schneider F Agricultural Law
Arkansas-Little Rock Colleen Barger NEW F Legal Writing Prof Blog
Ave Maria Richard Myers M Mirror of Justice
Ave Maria Stephen J Safranek M Contracts Prof
Baylor Larry Bates NEW M Secured Credit Blog
Baylor Jeremy Counseller NEW M Civil Procedure Prof
Baylor Mark Osler NEW M Law School Innovation
Baylor Rory Ryan NEW M Civil Procedure Prof
Baylor Kristin Schroeder Simpson NEW F Secured Credit Blog
Berkeley Boalt Hall Daniel Farber M Jurisdynamics
Berkeley Boalt Hall Jonathan Simon NEW M Berkeley Jurisprude
Boston College Renee Jones NEW F Corporate Law and Democracy
Brigham Young Gordon Smith M Conglomerate
Brooklyn Edward Cheng M Science & Law Blog
Buffalo Jim Milles M Out of the Jungle
Capital David Mayer M MayerBlog
Capital Bradley Smith NEW M Center for Competitive Politics, Redstate, and Division of Labour
Cardozo Dan Crane M Antitrust Review
Cardozo Susan Crawford F Susan Crawford Blog
Cardozo Peter Tillers M Tillers on Evidence and Inference
Case Western Jonathan Adler M Volokh Conspiracy NEW BLOG
Case Western Peter Freidman M RawBlog
Chapman Tom Bell M Agoraphilia and The Technology Liberation Front and MoneyLaw
Chapman Hugh Hewitt M Hugh
Chapman John Eastman M The Remedy
Charleston Sheila Scheuerman NEW F Torts Prof Blog
Chicago Saul Levmore M Chicago Law Faculty Blog
Chicago Jonathan Mitchell NEW M Chicago Law Faculty Blog
Chicago Randy Picker M Chicago Law Faculty Blog
Chicago Eric Posner M Chicago Law Faculty Blog
Chicago Judge Richard Posner M Becker-Posner Blog
Chicago Geoffrey Stone M Chicago Law Faculty Blog
Chicago Lior Strahilevitz M Chicago Law Faculty Blog
Chicago Cass Sunstein M Chicago Law Faculty Blog and Open University
Chicago-Kent Sungjoon Cho M International Economic Law and Policy Blog
Chicago-Kent> Carolyn Shapiro NEW F Empirical Legal Studies
Cincinnati Timothy Armstrong M InfoLaw
Cincinnati Barbara Black NEW F Securities Law Prof Blog
Cincinnati Paul Caron M TaxProf Blog and MoneyLaw
Cincinnati Mark Godsey M CrimProf Blog
Cincinnati Elizabeth Malloy F Health Law Prof Blog
Cleveland State Adam Thurschwell M Before the Law
Columbia Michael Dorf NEW M Dorf on Law
Connecticut Bethany Bergerr NEW F For the Seventh Generation Blog
Cornell Michael Heise M Empirical Legal Studies Blog
Cornell Bradley Wendel M Legal Ethics Forum
Cumberland Michael DeBow M Point of Law
CUNY Caitlin Borgmann NEW F Reproductive Rights Prof Blog
U.C. Davis Diane Marie Amann NEW F IntLawGrrls
U.C. Davis Jennifer Chacón F ImmigrationProf Blog
U.C. Davis Anupam Chander M Anupam Chander and Law School Innovation NEW BLOG
U.C. Davis Bill Hing M ImmigrationProf Blog
U.C. Davis Kevin Johnson M ImmigrationProf Blog
Denver Jay Brown NEW M Race to the Bottom
Denver Sam Kamin NEW M MoneyLaw
DePaul Brian Havel M Aviation Law Prof Blog
DePaul Michael Jacobs M Aviation Law Prof Blog
Drexel David Cohen NEW M Feminist Law Professors
Duke Stuart Benjamin M Volokh Conspiracy
Emory Michael Perry M Mirror of Justice
Emory Fred Tung M Conglomerate
Florida Jeffrey Harrison M MoneyLaw
Florida Chris Peterson M Consumer Law & Policy Blog
Florida A&M Jacqueline Dowd F The 13th Juror
Florida Coastal Jagdeep Bhandari M Law and Econ Prof Blog
Florida Coastal Rick Karcher M Sports Law Blog
Florida State Dan Markel M PrawfsBlawg
Florida State J.B. Ruhl M Jurisdynamics
Fordham Anil Kalhan NEW M Dorf on Law
Fordham Amelia Uelmen F Mirror of Justice
Fordham Terry Smith M BlackProf
George Mason David Bernstein M Volokh Conspiracy and Point of Law
George Mason Donald Boudreaux M Café Hayek
George Mason Michael Krauss M Point of Law
George Mason Ilya Somin M Volokh Conspiracy
George Mason Joshua Wright M Truth on the Market
George Mason Todd Zywicki M Volokh Conspiracy
GW Neil Buchanan M Dorf on Law NEW BLOG
GW Paul Butler M BlackProf
GW Steve Charnovitz M International Economic Law and Policy Blog
GW Donald Clarke M China Law Prof Blog
GW Orin Kerr M Volokh Conspiracy
GW Spencer Overton M BlackProf
GW Jonathan Siegel NEW M Law Prof on the Loose
GW Daniel Solove M Concurring Opinions
Georgetown Randy Barnett M Volokh Conspiracy and Georgetown Law Faculty Blog
Georgetown James Forman NEW M Extra Credit
Georgetown Marty Lederman M SCOTUSblog and Balkinization
Georgetown David Luban NEW M Balkinization
Georgetown Louis Michael Seidman M Georgetown Law Faculty Blog
Georgetown Rebecca Tushnet F 43(B)log and Georgetown Law Faculty Blog
Harvard Lucian Bebchuk NEW M The Harvard Law School Corporate Governance Blog
Harvard John Hanson NEW M The Situationalist
Harvard Angie Littwin F Credit Slips
Harvard Charles Nesson M Eon
Harvard Mark Tushnet M Balkinization
Harvard Elizabeth Warren F TPMCafe and Credit Slips
Hastings David Faigman M Science & Law Blog
Hastings Ethan Leib M PrawfsBlawg
Hawaii Cynthia Quinn NEW F Administrative Law Blog
Hofstra Matt Bodie M PrawfsBlawg
Hofstra Monroe Freedman NEW M Legal Ethics Forum
Hofstra Julian Ku M Opinio Juris
Houston Richard Alderman M Consumer Law & Policy Blog
Houston Raymond Nimmer M Contemporary Intellectual Property, Licensing, and Information Law
Houston Joseph Sanders M Science & Law Blog
Illinois Victor Fleischer M Conglomerate
Illinois Christine Hurt F Conglomerate
Illinois Bob Lawless M Credit Slips
Illinois Larry Ribstein M IdeoBlog
Illinois Lawrence Solum M Legal Theory Blog
Illinois Thomas Ulen M Law and Econ Prof Blog
Indiana-Bloomington William Henderson M Empirical Legal Studies Blog
Indiana-Indianapolis Karen Bravo NEW F IntLawGrrls
Iowa Katie Porter F Credit Slips
Iowa Adrien Wing F BlackProf
Iowa Tung Yin M The Yin Blog and National Security Advisors
John Marshall William Ford M Empirical Legal Studies Blog
John Marshall Corey Rayburn Yung NEW M Sex Crimes
Lewis & Clark Jack Bogdanski M Jack Bog’s Blog
Lewis & Clark Geoffrey Manne M Truth on the Market
Lewis & Clark Joseph Miller M The Fire of Genius
Louisiana State Christine Corcos F Media Law Prof Blog and Law & Humanities Blog and

Law and Magic Blog NEW BLOG

Louisville Jim Chen M Jurisdynamics, Ratio Juris NEW BLOG, Law School Innovation NEW BLOG, and MoneyLaw NEW BLOG
Loyola Chicago Brett Frischmann M
Loyola LA Rick Hasen M Election Law Blog
Marquette Jason Czarnezki M Empirical Legal Studies Blog
Marquette Chad Oldfather M Ratio Juris
Maryland Lisa Fairfax F Conglomerate
Maryland Mark Graber M Balkinization
Maryland Sherrilyn Ifill F BlackProf
McGeorge–U. Pacific Miriam Cherry F Contracts Prof
Memphis Thaddeus Pope NEW M Medical Futility
Mercer David Hricik M Legal Ethics Forum and Statutory Construction Blog
Miami Michael Froomkin M
Miami Steve Vladeck M PrawfsBlawg and National Security Advisors
Michigan Richard Friedman M Confrontation Blog
Michigan John Pottow M Credit Slips
Michigan State Matthew L.M. Fletcher M For the Seventh Generation Blog
Minnesota Dale Carpenter M Volokh Conspiracy
Minnesota Carol Chomsky F Contracts Prof Blog
Minnesota William McGeveran M InfoLaw
Minnesota David Stras NEW M SCOTUSblog and Empirical Legal Studies
Mississippi College Gregory Bowman M Legal Career Blog
Mississippi College Michael McCann M Sports Law Blog and The Situationalist NEW BLOG
Mississippi U. Paul Secunda M Workplace Prof Blog
Missouri. Dennis Crouch NEW M Patently-O
Missouri Thom Lambert M Truth on the Market
Missouri Peggy McGuinness F Opinio Juris
Missouri D. Daniel Sokol NEW M Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog

For the second half of the chart, schools N-Z, click here.

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20 Responses

  1. Thanks for the excellent survey. However, you left me, (St. John’s Law School and New York Law School),the Editor of Adjunct Law Prof Blog out and you also left out one of our Contributing Editors, Gail Richmon Levin (Nova Law School). However, you did include our other Contributing Editor, Eric Lustig. My posting about this can be found here

    Thank You.

  2. Mitchell,

    Unfortunately, my policy is to only list full-time faculty members. At GW, we have hundreds of adjunct professors; likewise at Georgetown and many other schools. Adjuncts change from semester to semester, so tracking them all down is too much for me to do.


  3. Tom Berg says:

    Dear Dan,

    Thank you for providing this very useful resource again. Susan Stabile has moved from St. John’s to St. Thomas-Minnesota. Elizabeth Schiltz at St. Thomas-M also is on the Mirror of Justice blog, so St. Thomas-Minnesota is among the schools with 5 faculty bloggers.

    Thanks very much.

    Tom Berg

  4. anon says:

    what about the harvard corporate governance blog?

  5. sue says:

    How absolutely wonderful! I read several of the law bloggers without knowing they are into the law in one way or another!! But, they are all, atleaset the ones I read, intelligent, reasonable and moderate. Just another judgment valuation on my outlook. Thank you!

  6. Ken Bamberger says:

    Dan – many thanks for this interesting compilation. Berkeley-Boalt Hall’s Jonathan Simon deserves inclusion as well for the “Berkeley Jurisprude” Blog, found at

  7. Dave Hoffman says:

    Jon Hanson (HLS) is blogging at the Situationalist, as is Mike McCann (Ole Miss.)

  8. Missed me (NYLS)! I’ve been blogging since 2000. Can anyone else in the census top that?

    Also, Arthur Leonard (also NYLS) is male.

  9. Thanks James. I edited the census to add you and correct the error for Leonard. Since you are a new law professor, you count as a new law professor blogger.

    At this point, this year’s census is final. The notice and comment period is closed, and omissions will be added to next year’s census.

  10. Melissa Waters says:

    In the list of Top 25 Schools with bloggers, Washington & Lee is erroneously listed as having zero bloggers. In fact, W&L has one permablogger, currently blogging on CoOp itself … 🙂


  11. Melissa — Whoops! It’s now fixed.

  12. Me! Me! I’m new to George Mason and post at on campaign finance and ethics issues.

  13. Howard Wasserman says:

    I have been blogging at Sports Law Blog since last winter.

  14. Patricia Salkin says:

    Please add a new blog – first at Albany Law School – on land use law.

    The blog is a week old!

    Patty Salkin

  15. Dave Levine says:

    While I use my blog (I’m a new prof at Charlotte School of Law and Fellow at Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society) largely to allow access to and supplement my radio show/podcast, Hearsay Culture, I also blog there in the more traditional sense. Thanks for creating this list.

  16. Paul Stephan says:

    Did you look at the International Economic Law Blog?

  17. How interesting! Great to see all this information aggregated in one place. Thanks for posting.

  18. Excellent survey; thanks, Dan!

    The Constitutional Law Prof Blog ( came online in the beginning of October (First Monday) 2008. Editors: Steven D. Schwinn, John Marshall; Ruthann Robson, CUNY; Nareissa L. Smith, Florida Coastal.

  19. The link to the N-Z part of the list isn’t working.

  20. The link to the N-Z schools is missing.