In Today’s Legal News

A Wisconsin state representative claims that there are too many lawyers in the state. He is seeking to eliminate all funding to University of Wisconsin Law School–the state’s only public law school–by 2010.

Separation of church and state questioned as universities in Michigan install footbaths for Muslim students

A federal judge finds that a California law that prohibits selling or renting violent video games to minors violates the First Amendment.

A legal battle begins as Disney seeks to stop Anaheim, CA from building affordable housing near Disneyland.

Mother arrested for allowing her 18-year old son and several other underage guests to drink beer at her birthday party.

In Today’s Legal News

The California state bar will begin to regulate unaccredited law schoools. Included amongst the regulations are the maintaining of records, payment of fees associated with oversight costs, and minimum library standards.

A Georgia sex offender who has been out of prison since 2006 now faces life in prison for failing to register with state officials. The reason: he is homeless.

A new trend: judicial performance evaluations to rate judges.


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