Docketology: Bigger, Better, and Under Submission

lottery5.jpgThis summer, I’ve been working to revise my co-authored paper Docketology, District Courts, and Doctrine, which I’ve previously talked about here, here, and here, and which the ELS blog highlighted here. The paper is finally updated. I think I’ve dealt with some of the major critiques we got from readers. In particular I spent a significant amount of time justifying the paper’s statistical inferences and in finding ways to demonstrate that an order-focused view of litigation may destabalize not only quantitative studies of trial court work but qualitative scholarship as well.

You can download it here (SSRN) or here (Selected Works). If you happen to be a law review articles editor, you will be getting a chance to read the paper whether you download it or not, as I’ve just today sent it out into the law review lottery. Here’s hoping my number comes up!

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