Spies and Wikipedia

Wikipedia.jpgCheck out this bizarre story: a wikipedia administrator allegedly has distorted editing of the site’s article on the Entebbe operation, because, this site alleges, she is a spy for an unidentified national government.

Believable? Who knows. I’ve got to think that a spy agency that spends its human capital editing wikipedia entries instead of, say, finding the nation’s enemies and introducing them to targeted justice, has a misplaced set of priorities. Even if the agency were to suppress, in one medium, some aspect of the “truth” about its activities, the internet is like a vast gopher game: suppress a fact here, and it pops up there.

(h/t: Slashdot)

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1 Response

  1. Scott Moss says:

    A few weeks/months ago, some federal agency was caught “fixing” entries on itself — can’t remember the details.

    Still, I’m not sure why it’s OK for wikipedia entries to be “edited” by any political activist or six year-old, but not by presumably knowledgeable gov’t officials.