Law School Faculty Lateral Moves, Final 2007 Edition

Better late (and, inevitably, incomplete) than never! Here is my final list of lateral law school hiring for the 2006-07 hiring season. Thanks to all the people who emailed me. Thanks also to Brian Leiter, Paul Caron, Paul Secunda, and Mary Dudziak, all of whom collected and posted portions of this data set.

I’m looking forward to the new hiring year!


Debra Bassett from Florida State.

Montre Carodine from Washington and Lee.

Paul Horwitz from Southwestern.

Daniel Joyner from U. of Warwick.


David Snyder from Tulane.

Steve Vladek from Miami.


Kathie Barnes from Washington University in St. Louis.


Phillip Closius from Toledo, as dean.

Boston University

James Fleming from Fordham.

Linda McClain from Hofstra.

Kevin Outterson from West Virginia.


Anita Bernstein from Emory/New York Law.

Nelson Tebbe from St. Johns.

Aaron Twerski (returning) from Hofstra.


Gordon Smith from Wisconsin.


Michelle Adams from Seton Hall.

Anthony Sebok from Brooklyn.


H. Beau Baez from Liberty.


Lee Anne Fennell from Illinois.

Richard McAdams from Illinois.


Scott Moss from Marquette.


Sarah Cleveland from Texas.

Ronald Mann from Texas.

Nate Persily from Penn.

Daniel Richman from Fordham.


Hillary Greene from Utah.


Cynthia Grant Bowman from Northwestern.


Peter Yu from Michigan State.


Susan Brooks from Vanderbilt.

Roger Dennis from Rutgers-Camden, as dean.

Alex Geisinger from Valparaiso.

Lisa McElroy from Southern New England.

Karl Okamoto from Rutgers-Camden (via practice and business).


Victoria Nourse from Wisconsin.

Teemu Ruskola from American.

Florida International

Joelle Moreno from New England.

Florida State

Dino Falaschetti from the Montana State University economics department.

Wayne Logan from William Mitchell.

Gregg Polsky from Minnesota.

Manuel Utset from Utah.

George Mason

Eric Claeys from St. Louis.

Jeremy Rabkin from Cornell Department of Government.

George Washington

Neil Buchanan from Rutgers-Newark.

Lawrence Cunningham from Boston College.

Phyllis Goldfarb from Boston College.

Tanya Hernandez from Rutgers-Newark.

Laird Kirkpatrick from Oregon.


Jane Aiken from Washington University in St. Louis.

Jonathan Molot from GW.


Yochai Benkler from Yale.

Noah Feldman from NYU.

Robert Sitkoff from NYU.

Kathryn Spier from Northwestern.


Daniel Greenwood from Utah.


Miranda Perry Fleischer from Colorado.

Victor Fleischer from Colorado.

Indiana – Indianapolis

Gary Roberts from Tulane, as dean.


Melanie Wilson from John Marshall (Atlanta).

Lewis & Clark

Robert Klonoff from Missouri – Kansas City, as dean.


Jim Chen from Minnesota, as dean.

Loyola L.A.

Jennifer Rothman from Washington University in St. Louis.


Kali Murray from Mississippi


Martha Ertman from Utah.

Sharon Reece from Arkansas – Little Rock.

Robert Rhee from Washburn.

Michigan State

Kristi Bowman from Drake.

Lumen Mulligan from University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Cliff Thompson from Wisconsin, to serve as interim dean.


Susanna Blumenthal from Michigan.

Thomas Gallanis from Washington and Lee.

Michelle Goodwin from DePaul.

Gregory Shaffer from Wisconsin and Loyola (Chicago).


David Case from Memphis.

Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC)

June Carbone from Santa Clara.

North Carolina

Carol Brown from Alabama.


Eugene Kontorovich from George Mason.

James Pfander from Illinois.

Notre Dame

Bridgette Carr from Ave Maria.


Catherine Sharkey from Columbia.


Tobias Wolff from UC Davis.

Christopher Yoo from Vanderbilt.

Penn – Wharton Legal Studies Program

Andrea Matwyshyn from Florida.


Ed Larson from Georgia.

Grant Nelson from UCLA.


David Harris from Toledo.

Roger Williams

Courtney Cahill from Toledo.

Santa Clara

Pat Cain from Iowa.

Jean Love from Iowa.


Tayyab Mahmud from John Marshall (Chicago).

Andrew Siegel from South Carolina.

South Carolina

Eboni Nelson from Texas Southern.

St. Johns

Mark Movsesian from Hofstra.

St. Louis

Matt Bodie from Hofstra.

St. Thomas (MN)

Joel Nichols from Pepperdine.

Michael Paulsen from Minnesota.

Susan Stabile from St. Johns.


Kirsten Davis from Arizona State.

Darryll Jones from Pittsburgh.

Candace Zierdt from North Dakota.


Fred Aman from Indiana – Bloomington, as dean.

Elizabeth Trujillo from Detroit-Mercy.


Chip Carter from Case.

Greg Mandel from Albany.


Alex Long from Oklahoma City.


Nicole Porter from St. Louis.


James Gordley from UC Berkeley.

Elizabeth Nowicki from Richmond.

UC Berkeley

Oona Hathaway from Yale.

UC Davis

Vikram Amar from UC Hastings.

Keith Aoki from Oregon.

UC – Hastings

Clark Freshman from Miami.


Doug Lichtman from Chicago.


Nancy Rapoport from Houston.

John Valery White from LSU, as dean.

University of Southern California

Rebecca Brown from Vanderbilt.

Robert Rasmussen from Vanderbilt, as dean.


Bernard Trujillo from Wisconsin.


Kevin Stack from Cardozo.

Ingrid Brunk Wuerth from Cincinnati.


Richard Booth from Maryland.


Darryl Brown from Washington and Lee.

Rich Hynes from William and Mary.

Wake Forest

Blake Morant from Washington and Lee.

Washington University in St. Louis

Cheryl Block from George Washington.

Adrienne Davis from North Carolina.

Gerrit De Geest from Utrecht University.

Greg Magarian from Villanova.

Washington & Lee

Rodney Smolla from Richmond, as dean.

Robin Wilson from Maryland.

William and Mary

Vivian Hamilton from West Virginia.

William Mitchell

Herbert Kritzer from Wisconsin

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23 Responses

  1. Dan Markel says:

    Might I confess an oops, Dan? I remembered your post from last year, but did not see your Jan 9 post this year for some reason, and so when Larry sent out his email about the entry level hiring, I decided to summarize the moves from Leiter’s list in addition to those that I knew about. Sorry for the confusion. As always, Co-Op’s got the prettier look to it!

  2. Keith Rowley says:

    Here’s an addition:


    Nancy Rapoport from Houston.

  3. Rick Garnett says:

    Here’s an addition: Eric Claeys (SLU) to George Mason.

  4. Dan Markel says:

    Alex Long from Oklahoma City to U. Tennessee

  5. Geoff says:

    Phil Closius from Toledo to Baltimore (as dean).

  6. Peter A. Alces says:

    Vivian Hamilton from West Virginia to William & Mary.

  7. Eric Gouvin says:

    Taylor Flynn from Northeastern to Western New England

  8. Nancy Levit says:

    June Carbone from Santa Clara to the University of Missouri-Kansas City;

    Bill Black from Santa Clara to the University of Missouri-Kansas City

  9. Howard Wasserman says:

    Florida International University:

    Joelle Moreno from New England School of Law

  10. Brad Karkkainen says:

    Two additions:

    Gregory Shaffer from Wisconsin and Loyola (Chicago) to Minnesota

    Michele Goodwin from DePaul to Minnesota

  11. Meredith R. Miller says:

    Touro Law:

    Deseriee Kennedy from University of Tennessee

    Shayna Sigman from University of Minnesota

  12. Peter Lindseth says:

    Hillary Greene, from Utah to Connecticut

  13. Jim Rossi says:

    Florida State University College of Law:

    Dino Falaschetti (, from the Montana State University economics department

  14. Darby Dickerson says:

    Here’s an addition:

    Candace Zierdt from North Dakota to Stetson

  15. Student in the know says:

    Two Cardozo hires: Michelle Adams from Seton Hall; Tony Sebok from Brooklyn.

  16. Mary Crossley says:

    David Harris from Toledo to Pittsburgh.

  17. Heidi Kitrosser says:

    Two more Minnesota hires: Susanna Blumenthal from U. of Michigan and Laura Beny from U. of Michigan.

  18. Avery Katz says:

    Nate Persily from Penn to Columbia.

  19. Keith Rowley says:

    John Valery White from LSU to UNLV as dean.

  20. Rob Vischer says:

    Michael Stokes Paulsen from Minnesota to St. Thomas (MN).

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  22. Here are 2 additions: Miranda Perry Fleischer and Victor Fleischer (from Colorado) to the University of Illinois.