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counting2.jpg[UPDATES IN RED] With the assistance of our intern, Sam Yospe, I decided to update the law blog ranking project first completed by Roger Alford at Opinio Juris. The following list ranks 41 law professor blogs according to traffic (as calculated by The Truth Laid Bear). To minimize distortion, we applied average monthly data, and ran the measurements about two weeks ago. This list only includes blogs that have at least one law professor as a regular blogger, and we exclude blogs that focus entirely on politics or current events, and blogs that are not tracked by Truth Laid Bear. Some blogs, like Patently-O, appear to be tracked only inconsistently by TLB and are not included in this list for the time being.

While this list ranks blogs by traffic, we have also included Truth Laid Bear’s own weighted rankings. TLB ranks blogs using an algorithm that accounts for a “link score,” a measure of how often blogs are linked to by other blogs. While the ranking by traffic that appears below and TLB’s ranking are related, the correlation appears to be statistically insigificant. For example, Bainbridge ‘s blog is ranked second by TLB amongst legal blogs. Yet, by traffic it ranks ninth. Conversely, Sentencing Law and Policy is the ranked third amongst all legal blogs in traffic, yet it ranked 2,164 by TLB, a lower ranking than some legal blogs that receive less traffic.

These data suggest that there is significant heterogeneity in the audience of legal blogs, as some blogs seem to have wide audiences of readers not shared by others, and (indeed) exist in entirely different communal spaces. This fractured audience finding challenges my flat traffic thesis. Importantly, this post does not intend to suggest a thing about the relative quality of the blogs ranked, nor those that are not mentioned. This isn’t even a popularity contest.


Hits Rank
Volokh Conspiracy 23,084 18
Althouse 12,204 153
Sentencing Law and Policy 4,066 2,164
Balkinization 3,727 781
Tax Prof Blog 3,619 3,298
Concurring Opinions 2,737 2,708
Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports 1,826 9,823
BlackProf 1,794 4,704
Prawfsblawg 1,785 2,799
Professor Bainbridge 1,683 94
Sports Law Blog 1,107 5,548 1,062 2,875
White Collar Crime Prof 1,013 9,034
Conglomerate 871 3,268
Opinio Juris 839 16,066
Is That Legal? 699 2,770
WorkPlace Prof 673 9,972
Chicago Law Faculty Blog 619 5,991
The Right Coast 565 10,784
IdeoBlog 534 6,552
CrimProf Blog 512 8,857
ImmigrationProf Blog 453 8,142
Wills, Trusts, and Estates Prof 445 25,058
Election Law 389 4,586
MoneyLaw 351 12,955
Jurisdynamics 349 12,943
Ratio Juris 348 33,169
Empirical Legal Studies Blog 323 2,224
Religion Clause 298 10,274
Contracts Prof 294 20,849
Family Law Prof 294 28,835
Legal History Blog 271 16,579
Legal Profession Blog 233 17,391
Int’l Law and Economics Policy Blog 200 24,350
Sex Crimes 199 12,459
Truth on the Market 192 10,114
CrimLaw 159 6,155
PropertyProf 148 23,140
Madisonian 143 9,969
Antitrust Review 131 19,096
Mauled Again 100 13,057

Interested in playing with the data? Download the file. Again, this post is was created with the really great help of Sam Yospe. Thanks, Sam!

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15 Responses

  1. TJ says:

    What about Patently-O by Dennis Crouch (Missouri)? It is run by a law professor, and I am sure gets more than 100 hits per day.

  2. dave says:

    We’ll check and if there are errors will update soon.

  3. dave says:

    TLB doesn’t appear to capture that blog so well:

    Probably because there is no sitemeter stats link on Professor Crouch’s site.

  4. patentee says:

    Here you go:

    Looks like Patently-O would fall right before Balkinization.

  5. Mary Dudziak says:

    Thanks for doing this — this is interesting.

    BlackProf was left out of the study, but it’s tracked by TLB:

    If your blog isn’t included in the data, you can find out whether it’s tracked on TLB at this link:

  6. Dave Hoffman says:

    Thanks Mary. I encourage folks who got missed to post here. I’ll come back in a day or so and update the lists with any new entrants.

  7. Bill Childs says:

    TortsProf (part of the LawProfessorBlogs network) is at around 260 hits (170 visits) per day, but appers not to be tracked by TLB.

  8. Regus Patoff says:

    Crouch was a practitioner, not a prof, when he started Patently O, and presumably still worked at MBHB when TLB began his project.

  9. Brian Tamanaha says:

    Where is “Mirror of Justice”?

    (a terrific blog on Catholic Legal Theory)

  10. dave hoffman says:

    I agree that MoJ is an amazing blog. But, like Patently-O, TLB appears to have trouble catching its traffic stats:


  11. Ann Bartow says:

    TTLB ranks Feminist Law Professors at #5802

    or at least it did a few minutes when I used the search function here:

    Given the significantly right wing tilt of the blogger behind TTLB, I prefer not to give him Feminist Law Professor’s page load stats by signing up with that site. FLP does have a Stat Counter (which is somewhat more protective of reader and commenter privacy than Sitemeter) and is FLP is also ranked by Technorati. You can find links to both at the bottom of the FLP blog.

  12. dave says:

    [Cross-posted from Feminist Law Profs, where this same discussion is ongoing]


    TTLB “ranks” FLP, but it does not list the traffic numbers, which is what our list is based on. For the same reason, we excluded patently-o.

    Technorati offers, in my view, a very bad metric, because it includes blogroll links. Not that TLB offers a “good” system, just a convenient one, and one used by Roger in the previous posting on this topic on opinio juris.


  13. Ann Bartow says:

    Whoohee Dave, you need to read up on TTLB’s metrics. Here is one very dated overview:

    Here is a more recent take:

    Note the part that says: “I guess what surprises me most is that the rankings go strictly by the number of incoming links. Traffic plays no role in the TTLB rankings. (Technorati uses some combination of the two.)”

    I was really surprised by that, because as evidenced by my comment in our discussion at FLP I thought TTLB used both links and page loads, as Technorati does. So I checked the TTLB website and the TTLB FAQ ( says:

    “The TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem is an application which scans weblogs and generates a list of weblogs ranked by the number of incoming links they receive from other weblogs on the list.”

    There is a completely independent “Ecotraffic” counter that TTLB will use to republish Sitemeter data if you are not concerned about reader/commenter privacy issues. I am.

  14. dave says:


    But this is why we reported both numbers. TLB makes it easy to see what traffic scores are, and then offers a measure to compare with.

    I myself am not clear whether incoming traffic, links, or technorati’s total link score, is more “reliable” as a measure of influence/popularity/or what have you. And I’d be pleased if this post motivated folks to come up with their own lists – indeed, that is why I asked Sam to make the list in an excel file which you can download and play with. Or simply make up your own. The point of this post was not to make any claims about quality, as I expressly said. Indeed, I thought one of the neat things that this analysis may have exposed is that the various law blogs are flourishing in entirely different communities of readers.


  15. Ann Bartow says:

    The point of my reaction was, at least at first, to note that you have completely excluded law prof blogs that eschew turning over our reader information to a pseudonymous right wing blogger.