In Today’s Legal News

Indian law is being added to the bar in some western states.

Instructors and students at Idaho Law School offer free legal representation to illegal aliens facing deportion. A former Idaho official claims that providing such aid is a felony.

The N.J. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a homeowners association which sought to ban residents from displaying political signs on their property.

The Houston Chronicle discusses the perception that most lawyers make six figure salaries.


In Today’s Legal News

Time Magazine has paid a Canadian man $96,500 for misleading him in a promotional letter. The man returned the letter, thinking that he had won a sweepstakes, but instead was subscribed to Time Magazine.

Strike Tactic: A Union hires homeless people to picket. These “temporary workers” are paid $8 an hour.

A resort at Bryce Canyon in Utah has become its own town, and will now collect $300,000 in annual sales tax revenue from tourists.


In Today’s Legal News

Ralph Papitto, the former chairman of the board of trustees at Roger Williams University, has asked to have his name removed from the university’s law school after he used a racial slur at a board meeting.

Defense attorneys in civil rights case lost a motion to prevent the plaintiff from mentioning President’s Bush name. The case involves a man arrested for displaying an anti-war sign at a Bush campaign event. The defense argued that Bush’s low approval ratings could prejudice the jury.

Backlogs in crime labs are leading to problems in many states, including the occasional miscarriage of justice.

Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeals has ruled an anti-sodomy law unconstitutional.

In Today’s Legal News

New Study: Look to Justice Roberts to determine outcomes in Supreme Court cases.

How not to get out of jury duty.

A NY Times op-ed discusses a way of getting around the Court’s school segregation ruling.

An online company that broadcasts cockfights has filed a First Amendment challenge against a federal law that bans depictions of animal cruelty.

The University of Florida has been sued by a Christian fraternity for not allowing it to be recognized as a student organization.

In Today’s Legal News

A few times a week, I will post links that may be of interest to our readers.

More than 15 law schools have added gambling law courses to their curriculum.

David Holmberg, a journalist and adjunct professor, talks about receiving teaching evaluations from his students.

A quirky law in Boston will require the city to have a primary election for city council in September to narrow 9 candidates down to 8. The cost: $500,000.


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