The Department of Ill-Advised Job Titles

UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law has just announced the creation of a Lethal Injection Fellowship. I applaud the institutional commitment to this work – the fellow will create and manage a clearinghouse of information regarding lethal injection challenges – but the title is a bit ghoulish.

Or perhaps the discomforting title was strategic. It will certainly create some unusual interview chat as fellows go off to find their first post-fellowship position.

UPDATE: A spelling error has been corrected.

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3 Responses

  1. spellcheck says:

    “Lethal Inujection”?

    For goodness sake, is this what happens when you become a professor? You are writing about the inappropriateness of a title and can’t even spell it correctly?

    I think you should be fired, personally.

  2. Spellmeister says:

    Spellcheck, get a clue. “Inujection” is a perfectly cromulent word.

  3. petpeeve says:

    Using the passive voice in correcting error is a bad habit.