Temporary Comment Shutdown Due to Spam

A new spambot has been hitting us hard lately, and has hit us particularly hard today. I’ve thus shut down comments to the entire blog.

We currently use the Akismet plugin for Movable Type, and I find that it still misses many spams and goes through periods where it seems helpless against certain spam bots. It also can be hyperactive at times, junking legitimate comments.

We’ve fretted over what to do about the spam comment problem. We’ve thus far been unable to install a CAPTCHA plugin, and we currently don’t know of a way to have registered commenters. Does anybody have any ideas about a solution? Please email me if you have any ideas, as you cannot comment to this post until I reopen comments — probably not until tomorrow.

UPDATE: I’ve reopened comments again and hope that the bot has run its course.

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7 Responses

  1. The Akismet plugin is astonishingly good at stopping comment spam. I use it and am well satisfied.

  2. Kaimi says:


    I’m working on a fix, which will hopefully be in place soon.

    In the interim, we got hit again, and so I changed comments to auto-moderation. They’re not blocked, but they won’t show until we let them out of moderation.

  3. James,

    We already have Akismet, but this spammer is getting through quite easily.


  4. Interesting. My dinky lil’ blog must be not worth the effort for the spammers.

  5. Michael Lee says:

    I’m in your boat. Spam bastards have essentially shut down my interactivity. I’ll be watching your site to see how you overcome the problem. Good luck.

    Michael Lee

  6. Kaimi says:


  7. Kaimi says: