Back in the Blogosphere

Our regular readers may have noticed that I’ve been quite absent from the blogosphere over the past month or so. I have been finishing up some books and papers, which have tied me up quite a bit. But I have also experienced an odd bout of blog block. It used to be that whenever I’d read something, I’d think in terms of how I might blog about it. Interesting story, I’d think. Is it bloggable? What kind of post should I write about it? These thoughts, which used to buzz around my brain at nearly all hours of the day, suddenly stopped. I started to wonder whether I had anything left to say. I had long believed that blogging was like riding a bike — you never forget how. However, I just couldn’t seem to find anything to say. Have I forgotten how to blog? I wondered. How is that possible? Then, I figured out what really happened — I had finally grown into a normal well-adjusted human being.

But so much for that. Now I hope to blog more regularly. In the first year of this blog’s existence, I posted over 400 posts. I don’t think I’ll regress to that state again, but I do believe that I’ll be blogging a bit more frequently from now on.

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4 Responses

  1. Gordon Smith says:

    Welcome back, Dan. I missed your posts, though I am sad to learn that I am not a normal well-adjusted human being.

  2. Eric Goldman says:

    The maladjusted among us welcome you back. Eric.

  3. Laura says:

    Dan, nice to have you back, although I hope your recent internal growth as a person doesn’t mean that your posts will decrease too much–I rely on them for distraction and amusement during the day!

  4. Kaimi says:

    Gordon, Eric, and Laura have now been added to our secret database of maladjusted human beings . . .