Law Podcasts

If law reviews and blogs just aren’t enough for you (or if your eyes readily tire), try some law podcasts! Here are a few I’ve enjoyed recently:

–Margot Adler, Justice Talking. I’ve been impressed by the experts she gets and her tough follow-up questions during interviews. The show on presidential primaries has some fascinating legal angles on the process–did you know that the national parties are planning to severely penalize any candidate who campaigns in certain states before certain deadlines (by cutting those states’ delegations)?

–David Levine, Hearsay Culture. This one focuses on law & technology. Too busy to read Cass Sunstein’s Infotopia? Listen here! Richard Epstein is also an engaging guest. Sadly, you have to listen live to hear Levine’s ingenious music selections, such as “If You Love Somebody Set Them Free” for Epstein.

To find these, type something like “hearsay culture” or “margot adler” in the search box in the iTunes store.

Any other podcast suggestions from readers?

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