Concurring Opinions’ Intern Contest

Inspired by Opinio Juris and Bill Simmons, Concurring Opinions is pleased to announce that it is in the market for an unpaid summer intern. Our thought is that some of you may be underemployed during the summer, or wish to add an interesting conversation starter to your resume. Or, perhaps, you are simply a huge fan of Nate Oman’s history of law posts and want to contribute to the next one.

1. The Job Description

Let’s start by repeating a key aspect of this job. It is unpaid, except in “prestige points,” which you can probably can’t even monetize on Berkman Island. In return for being associated with this Blog, and getting to know its authors, we’d expect you to work at least ten hours a week over the summer. We’d also expect the position to run until school starts again in late August.

The Concurring Opinions intern will help us on projects ranging from law school rankings, to the next edition of the law professor blogger census, to upgrading the technical aspects of the site, to collecting legal stories of interest to our readers in an informative and interesting way. We imagine that if you have interest and ability, you will draft several posts over the summer, though some of your work will be behind the scenes.

2. How to Apply?

Draft a blog post on why you deserve to be our Intern (400 words or less) and forward it,along with any supporting materials you think would help, to any of us by June 1, 2007. If you have any specialized technical expertise, be sure to brag about it.

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13 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    you will draft several posts over the summer, though some of your work will be behind the scenes.

    So students will be ghost writing blog posts?

  2. I have these visions of The Devil Wears Prada. How does Dan like his latte?

  3. dave hoffman says:

    I don’t know how Dan likes his, but I prefer mine with skim milk and one splenda. And a touch of cinnamon. And don’t stint on the foam.

  4. I expect our intern to track down the final Harry Potter manuscript before it is published so we can run an exclusive on the blog!

  5. J. Mazzone says:

    This sounds to me like the Seinfeld episode (#158, “The Voice”) where Kramer, operating as Kramerica, gets Darren the intern from NYU to help him (among other things) test the oil tanker bladder.

  6. Belle Lettre says:

    If only I were a blithe and carefree 2L again. Just kidding.

    I remember Ian Best making a big splash when he was “blogging for credit”–although his project (which I believe included a paper) was quite substantial. I wonder if law schools will allow blog editing to be considered “research assitance.”

    From what you describe, if a student (even long-distance) is sent ferrying for sources and stats, news articles for law-related blog posts, and technical editing, that doesn’t seem to be too far from the standard RA job. Just a little more high tech.

    It would be a cool option for the school year. I forward a lot of popular news sources to Workplace Prof blog, just out of interest. Imagine getting credit for it!

  7. Your future intern says:

    Is this ‘blog post draft’ something that would be published (similar to how the Sports Guy did it)? Or it simply for internal analysis?

    I ask because I’m pretty certain there are things we would be willing to share in an application-type situation that we would not want to subsequently see published for all to see. Or, at the very least, we would be willing act much more forward about our propped-up accomplishments in private if we were certain that the public would not subsequently view those same sentiments as arrogance.

  8. dave hoffman says:

    To YFI: My plan was to publish the blog posts if they were particularly entertaining, but if you designate them as not-for-publication, that is fine. You could always submit two posts if you like, one puffing yourself and one not.

    J.Mazzone: I think I like Belle Lettre’s RA analogy better!

  9. Paul Gowder says:

    Are you guys serious? Because if you actually get an intern, that’s says so much about the legitimacy of the blogosphere. I’d never expect a blog to actually be able to draw interns.

  10. Belle Lettre says:

    Interns are real:

    If I were an enterprising 2/3L, I could imagine doing this. Blogging can be fun, blogrings are social networks (nodes being blogs, connectors being links), and….well, why not do it if you have interest and time? Blogging can be done in a vacuum, or you can join a well established blog team–the second gives you a better chance at getting those blog benefits of writing and being _read_.

    Unfortunately I’m a 5L. With a couple of blogs already. Sorry, Dave.

  11. BustyBoots says:

    I don’t want to wait till the end of Summer 🙁 , I want it now. Who with me?

    save your time and join me. 😉