Felony Murder Laws Really Work? Cut To The Video!

I’ve been teaching felony murder this week and in the course of one class I discussed the dubious theory that felony murder rules make felons commit their crimes more safely. Then whaddya know! One of my studenets forwards me this video link showing a robber helping his victim (who was having chest pains) call 911! Is it simple human kindness or could it be the criminal law at work???

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1 Response

  1. Nathan CO says:

    I was a Correctional officer for almost 7 years and worked with felons, the view they expressed on murder was, it is either a crime of passion (which they did not care at the time about the legal ramifications of their actions), then their was the “Oops I killed him” this occurred in the commission of another crime the murder actually being secondary to the original crime (the original crime becomes secondary to the murder in the court proceedings), then you have the serial killers, they are smarter, better and know they will never get caught unless they want to be caught and they tell you that they only got caught because they let themselves.

    Look at crime as a business, a simple mugging you may do a short stint in county lock up, but a heart attack/stroke could be tied to an event that elevated the individuals blood pressure pulse, such as a robbery/mugging, could lead to a much longer sentence, its economics, you can not make money if you are locked up.

    Criminals know exactly how much time a crime will result in if prosecuted and planned crimes based on how much time they were willing to do, (this statement is based on monitored inmate conversations).

    If criminal law worked, would he be robbing the person in the first place?