March Madness, part 2

A propos of some of the comments made in response to my earlier March Madness post, readers may be interested in the recent Graduation Rate Study of NCAA Div. 1 Tournament teams, authored by Dr. Richard Lapchick of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport.

In a nutshell, athlete graduation rates aren’t very good at some of the schools (but not all) sending teams to March Madness. Two notable high seeds posted scores that look pretty bad. Number 1 seed Ohio State graduated only 10% of its players in a 6 year span, and the University of Oregon a whopping 0%. That isn’t a typo. It’s “zero.” At the other end of the scale, Holy Cross (86%) and Butler (82%) led the honor role. Lapchick also lamented a significant disparity in the graduation rates of whites and African-Americans.

Granted, graduation rates don’t tell you everything about a program’s commitment to the student-athlete, but it’s striking how low some of the graduation rates are. Hmmm….now maybe this will lead to a new way to fill out those brackets….

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  1. Does this count players coming out for the draft early?