“We are disappointed that someone dressed as Chewbacca would behave in this way.”

While I had a great time at yesterday’s UCLA Law Review symposium on Constitutional Niches, I’m heartsick that I missed a major event in criminal law not far away; here’s the L.A. Times story:

LAPD officers arrested “Star Wars” street performer Frederick Evan Young … in his furry brown wookiee costume Thursday on a charge of misdemeanor battery for allegedly head-butting a tour guide …. The incident — witnessed by Superman and other impersonators — is the latest clash outside the landmark cinema between visitors and performers dressed as movie and cartoon characters [who] collect tips from tourists who pose for pictures and watch them perform …. Continuing disputes led to a “superhero summit” last year between authorities and about a dozen performers, which police said significantly reduced conflict on the boulevard.

I couldn’t have made up something this bizarre (though I feel a little bad laughing, given that an innocent guy got head-butted). The quote in the title of this post is from a Lucasfirm spokesperson; no word on how she would’ve felt if the perp had been dressed as Jabba the Hut or Greedo.

Hat Tip: Greg O’Meara, the only friend I have who was willing (even eager!) to watch the infamously bad Star Wars Holiday Special with me.

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  1. This truly is an “only in LA” story!