More litigation about – you guessed it – Jennifer Aniston topless pictures

The latest lawsuit is on CNN:

A Hollywood movie studio filed a lawsuit claiming gossip blogger Perez Hilton posted a stolen topless photograph of Jennifer Aniston on the Web. Universal City Studios Productions LLLP filed the suit Tuesday claiming the stolen image was posted on the perezhilton Internet site by Mario Lavandeira, aka Hilton. The picture was allegedly “misappropriated and illegally copied” during production or post-production of the 2006 romantic comedy hit “The Break-Up,” starring the actress and Vince Vaughn, the suit said. . . . The suit seeks an injunction barring further distribution of the picture and requests a court order “directing the U.S. Marshal to seize” the copyrighted material from the 28-year-old blogger.

Dan S. previously blogged about the last Jennifer Aniston nudity lawsuit, which involved allegations of breach of privacy by a paparazzi photographer. (For his excellent and very popular post, see here). The allegations in this new suit look a lot less complicated — they seem to be plain vanilla misappropriation. But as we know around here, a lawsuit involving Jennifer Aniston nude will always draw (lots of) reader attention.

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