Introducing Guest Blogger Donald Braman

braman-don1.jpgI’m delighted to introduce Professor Donald Braman, my colleage at George Washington University law School. Don teaches Criminal Law, Evidence, and a seminar on the Culture Wars. He holds a PhD in cultural anthropology and a JD, both from Yale. Don is a member of the Cultural Cognition Project, and coauthor of various articles and papers investigating the effects of culture on law and policy, including Cultural Cognition and Public Policy (with Dan Kahan).

Don’s publications include a book, Doing Time on the Outside (Michigan 2004), which investigates the effects of incarceration on family and community life.

Some of his recent articles include:

* Cultural Cognition and Public Policy, 24 Yale Law & Policy Review 147 (2006) (with Dan Kahan)

* Criminal Law and the Pursuit of Equality, 84 Texas Law Review 2097 (2006)

* Punishment and Accountability: Understanding and Reforming Criminal Sanctions in America, 53 UCLA Law Review 1143-1216 (2006)

* More Statistics, Less Persuasion: A Cultural Theory of Gun-Risk Perceptions, 151 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1291 (2003)

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