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It’s time for me to sign off, so I wanted to say thanks to Dan and company for having me and leave some parting thoughts.

1. Since my post that generated the most comments related to the Duke rape case, I just wanted to make a couple of notes in response to the latest developments. I can think of no justification whatsoever for failing to make a complete and pointed disclosure of the DNA results, and I imagine that Mr. Nifong will soon be facing additional problems related to that lapse. But no matter what the ultimate outcome of the case, I fear the media firestorm the case has generated will deter rape victims from coming forward in the future, and that would be truly be a tragedy. We must not use the problems that have arisen in relation to this alleged victim as an excuse not to take other complaints seriously. At the same time, I hope the the criminal justice apparatus here in North Carolina will take a hard look at itself and consider implementing some new procedures like a more vigorous use of the grand jury and earlier interviews of victims by prosecutors.

2. I also wanted to make an appeal to our law student readers and recent law grads. When you have a minute, send an email to your professors to let us know how you are doing. I find the hardest part of being a law professor is that you meet all these wonderful students and become invested in their success, but then they understandably disappear after graduation, never to be heard from again. I at least want to know how you’re doing! So please keep in touch.

3. Most important, go Deacs! We’re playing in the Orange Bowl tonight, where as always we’re going in as the underdog. No matter what happens, it’s been a glorious season!

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