Information On Lateral Moves

The AALS has come and gone, and now it’s time to start collecting data on law school lateral moves. Last year’s list is here. In a week or two, I’ll put up the first (and inevitably incomplete) list. This year I plan to keep the info short and sweet: name, old school, and new school. Curious readers can do further research on their own. Just like any charitable organization – the American Red Cross, Save Our Children, or the University of Alabama Football Team – I need your help to succeed. Please send any and all news about lateral faculty movement to

While I’m on the subject of lateral moves, let me take the time to toot Drexel’s horn a bit. As Brian Leiter has been kind enough to point out here, Drexel has hired Susan Brooks away from Vanderbilt University School of Law. In addition, we’re bringing Karl Okamoto onto the faculty. He’ll run our entrepreneurial business program. Karl previously taught at Rutgers-Camden Law and, before that, the University of Alabama, but comes most recently out of the investment industry where he worked with Soros Fund Management and Atticus Capital LP.

Many of you who ran into me in DC may have thought I seemed a bit giddy; now you know why!

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