Ass-kissing, dog-shit, and other reasons to read Concurring Opinions

A recent visitor to Concurring Opinions came in search of a specific phrase: Motion to kiss my ass. Future searchers for the same term are likely to follow. After all, Concurring Opinions is an amazing #1 in the google ranks for the search term “motion to kiss my ass.” (At last, something to really make my mother proud of me!)

It gets worse, of course. Co-Op’s lofty google ranks for the following terms are sometimes sensible, and often head-scratching:

Starbucks secret menu (#1).

Law school rankings (#4).

Public intoxication walking (#7). (We don’t really recommend it, but . . .)

Shit girl (#15 from Google Italy). (That’s in reference to Dan S.’s post about the cyber-shaming of Korea’s “Dog-Shit Girl.”)

Law school grades (#9).

Law and fruit (#4). (Thank you, Miriam!)

Superprecedent (#1).

Ways to do crack (#3). (I’m not making this one up!).

Bigamy opinions (#2). (I suppose the rank is oddly appropriate, given the subject matter).

Jennifer Aniston nude (#2) (our bread and butter).

Cyber-shaming (#2).

Hmm. And I just blogged about our website’s fame in the areas of kiss-ass motions and ways-to-do-crack. Does that count as self-cyber-shaming?

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9 Responses

  1. Eric Goldman says:

    Based on the headline of this post, I predict that very soon ConOp will rank #1 for “ass-kissing dog shit” (there are currently over 48k results for that search in Google). Congratulations (?). 🙂 Eric.

  2. dave says:

    I can not replicate these results. (That is, I’ve checked five entries, and none of them were the rankings you observed.) What gives?

  3. Kaimi says:

    Hmm. That’s really weird. Now _I’m_ not getting the same results for some of these. Including the “ways to do crack” which was one of the funniest, and which I pasted the URL directly into the post from my seach bar.

    Umm, I don’t know what to say, Dave. Google seems to work in mysterious ways. ??

  4. Kaimi says:

    According to new searches, four of these ranks look incorrect Law school grades (#19, not #9); law school rankings (#14, not #4); shit girl (I’m not sure where we fall, but it’s not #5 and not in the top 20). I found most of these ranks by clicking through the Site Meter link to some of the more unusual searches for us. (I suppose they searches may have included some extra code or other (filtering on or whatnot), other than the search term alone.)

    Also, unfortunately, we seem to have lost our edge in “ways to do crack.” Even though I pasted the working URL directly in to the post this morning, it’s not working now. Which is just plain weird.

  5. I had the same thing a couple of weeks ago when someone had Google’d ‘insanity’ and came up with my place ranked no.5. Of course some people thought that a highly appropriate ranking which just goes to show…

  6. Miriam Cherry says:

    Always glad to assist! 🙂

  7. Ann Bartow says:

    Feminist Law Professors ranks high for “Missing and Murdered Blogs.” I’m not sure what to think about that.

  8. Eric Goldman says:

    Search results are not constant between searchers or over time, and in some cases (especially if you’re using Google Personalized Search) may not be constant for the same search by the same searcher. Eric.

  9. Scott Moss says:

    Hm, when I start guest-blogging here in a few days, I may have to work in increasing Co-Op’s ranking for “Kaimi is a Google rankings whore”…