on exams and motivation (or “good luck on exams!”)


Good luck to all students on their exams.

Given that it’s exam time, it only seems fitting that there’s been some talk lately in the blogosphere about motivation. See this terrific first post by fellow C.O. blogger Marcy Peek, and this great little note by Jim Chen over at MoneyLaw.

Here are my two cents. First, I couldn’t agree more with Jim & Marcy that one should frequently remind one’s self of the big picture reasons why one came to law school, why one is struggling through exams, etc. Second, I think it’s also key to find a way to appreciate the day-to-day struggle itself. Sure, there’ll be lousy days, depressing moments. That’s part of being human. But if you can find some joy, purpose and excitement in the day-to-day process, make some good friends along the way, and remember your big picture reasons for going through that process – especially in the not-so-joyful moments — well, that makes for a pretty successful existence, I think.

So good luck and enjoy your well-deserved breaks when exams are done!

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