My Year in Review at CO

privacytop10.jpgBecause it is December, and we’re interested in ballot-stuffing reminiscing, I thought that I might give you a Best-of-CO list for the 2006 year. I began going through our archives. As I quickly found, the task of collecting just a few of our best posts is pretty daunting, and involves too many apples to elephants comparisons. So, I quickly decided to limit the scope of the inquiry, to ten posts of mine during the past year that I think were particularly fun. Perhaps my co-bloggers will join in and post their own top-posts lists. Then we can have a vote. The list follows, after the jump, in chron order:

  1. Blogging and IRB Approval
  2. The Unraveling of the Market for Law Review Submissions
  3. SLUSA, SCOTUS, and Unintended Consequences
  4. Quantifying the Effect of Good Teaching
  5. Let Markets Help Criminal Defendants
  6. Must District Judges Give Reasons?
  7. Law School Admissions Standards As Law
  8. Is Torture Insurance A Smart Investment?
  9. What is Your Research Agenda: The Tenured Answer
  10. Xoxohth 1.1: The Past and Present

Hope you liked the list. Does it persuade you to vote for us in the Weblog Awards? Hope so! Our new goal, I think, should be to end up with 1/20th the votes of the VC.

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